Special Services

Miller & Newberg is committed to providing their clients with everything needed to make the product development process as easy and seamless as possible. We offer an experienced compliance staff to help with all steps of the product filing process. Our team can help with or create applications, policy forms and riders and then complete the process by filing all necessary documents with the state insurance departments. Filing is done using SERFF and can be done on a state by state basis or through the Interstate Insurance Compact, whichever best suits the needs of your company. Whether you are pricing an entire portfolio or modifying an existing product our professionals can provide as little or as much help as you need. Feel free to contact our compliance department to see how best we can serve you.


The process of completing and filing financial statements can be time-consuming and costly. The financial reporting department at Miller & Newberg can help streamline the process, from calculating Statutory, GAAP and Tax reserves to completing monthly, quarterly and annual valuations. The actuarial staff has the expertise to provide your company with timely, accurate results and are committed to keeping abreast of the ever changing regulations set forth by the NAIC and state insurance departments. Please talk with us about how Miller & Newberg can assist your company with a customized plan to meet your financial reporting needs.


With the new requirements for the NAIC Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (“ORSA”), it’s more important than ever that insurance companies are identifying, assessing, quantifying and managing their risks. Developing and managing a robust risk assessment and strategic planning process is a significant endeavor that requires risk expertise and resource investment. The actuaries at Miller & Newberg are experts on risk modeling and management.


  • Form drafting
  • Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC)
  • Form filing
  • Cover to cover statutory statement
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual
  • Statutory valuation, GAAP valuation, tax valuation