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Never Better.

Founded in 1994, Miller Newberg is a full-service actuarial consulting firm devoted to more than 50 clients in the life, annuity, and health insurance markets. Miller Newberg (MN) is a team of professionals—credentialed actuaries and actuarial technicians—who are here to help your team accomplish your goals.


Simply stated, our focus is advocating the interests of our clients while adhering to professional codes and standards of practice. We do so by first understanding our clients’ goals, and ultimately, by working closely with their management teams to achieve those goals. We know we’ve got it right when a client refers to us as “part of the team.” One of the highest compliments we get is when a board member tells us “I know you’re an actuary, but I understood every word you said.”


We are all about quality. We are passionate about delivering excellence with equal parts creativity and tenacity. With each project, we strive to exemplify our core values (see right panel). By continually networking with other actuaries and other leaders, and through attending, participating, and speaking at various industry, professional, and association meetings throughout the year, we stay current with the spectrum of issues facing our industry.

Welcome Kyle!

We are pleased to introduce our newest actuarial technician, Kyle Kurtz. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Kansas, and recently passed his first actuarial exam. Prior to joining MN, Kyle’s work experience involved statistical analysis of drug safety and efficacy for a large pharmaceutical CRO. Welcome to the team Kyle!

AFA Annual Meeting.

Eric, Lori, Donna, and Carolyn head to Hollywood! Hollywood, Florida, that is. MN continues its Gold Sponsorship support of the American Fraternal Alliance at its annual meeting.